Standing up for our Janitors and Security Guards


We can Win! We can Win! We can Win!

This is was the chant today at the kickoff meeting for SEIU's Stand for Security and Justice For Janitors contract negotiations.

Over the last decade, commercial Janitors in Indianapolis have organized and built a strong union.  These workers clean Indianapolis' biggest buildings and they have been fighting for living wages and respect at the workplace.  They will begin negotiations with janitorial contractors on a new citywide contract this summer. 

Indianapolis' security guards have been fighting for a union for five years, and they will soon kickoff contract negotiations with the security contractors this week.   

These brave workers have not accepted the status quo of low wages and harsh working conditions.   They work for some of Indiana's largest employers and richest corporations, and barely earn enough to support themselves, let alone their families.

This is not right for Indianapolis' future and I was both proud and dissapointed to be the only Indianapolis city-council canidate present for this important event.

We can win! We can win! 





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