Our Historic Westside Neighborhoods

General Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War hero, that is who Wayne Township is named after. Our first thriving community, Bridgeport, was platted in 1831. Not long after, Benjamin Davis, general superintendent of the Vandalia Railroad, as promised, began making stops along a community that would later bare his name, Ben Davis.

We have a rich history in our community. Neighborhoods such as Mars Hill and the Fleming Gardens area still stand and have roots going back to the late 1800's. However, for many decades now they have been overlooked by our city, much like the rest of the Westside. Our current and past City Councilors have stood by and watched our roads, sidewalks, and homes deteriorate. They sat and looked with concern as the family owned business's moved and closed their doors. Our Councilors attended neighborhood meetings, school meetings, just about anywhere that a gathering would take place to make it seem like they were being active for the Westside. Yet they did nothing to stop once thriving communities from being turned into a safe haven for drug deals, prostitution, and other ghetto crimes. They raised your taxes for the betterment of the city, yet we couldn't tell, we barely get a pot hole filled in our neighborhoods.

Yesterday, I met with the President of Indiana Landmarks, Mr. Marsh Davis, to educate myself on what possibilities lie ahead for our historic communities. I am very excited about the potential our neighborhoods have and am ready to work to bring the development our communities so deserve. I plan to work to declare some of our oldest neighborhoods historical districts so that we can begin the process of renovating our homes and redeveloping the major thoroughfares to spawn new business development. I am ready to fight for the dollars our community and neighborhoods need. I hope you will stand and fight with me for the Westside.

We don't need a hero today. We need someone who will fight and I know that I am that person. I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday, May 5th.

Jared Evans