Jared Evans

jared-football.jpgI am asking for your Vote on Tuesday, May 5th, because I am trying to make a difference in our community. I grew up here. I went to Wayne Township Schools from grade school to high school. While at Ben Davis High School, I served as the senior Vice President of my class, and won two 5A State Football Championships in 2001 and 2002 as the starting Left Tackle #79, earning All State recognition.

Indianapolis's West Side is my home. I moved back here after working in Lawrence, KS, because this is where my family lives and I grew up. My parents were raised in the old Valley neighborhood on the near West Side. My parents, Charles and Debra Evans raised 3 boys, of which I am the youngest. We grew up in a happy, social home. Our dad, a 26 year veteran of the United States Army, raised us to have respect for people and our country. Momma, instilled into me and my brothers to stand for what we thought was right and wrong and to never be afraid to stand up for what we felt was right in our hearts, even if we stood alone.

My strength and courage draws from my faith and belief in God. I was baptized at Soul's Harbor Assembly's of God Church while in Jr. High. It's an experience I'll never forgot. It was a decision in the moment that I had made in my heart. I had no change of clothes, and at Souls Harbor we believed in full submersion, so the ride home was a wet one that evening. Today, I attend Chapel Rock Christian Church regularly, though I do like to occasionally attend other Church services. 

Today, our family is still close and still lives on the West Side of Indianapolis. We gather for EVERY single birthday, nieces, nephews, parents, brothers, sister n' laws, aunts and uncles. I'm proud to call this my home. I love it here, and it's that love that has motivated me to run for City County Council District 22. I hope you will stand with me, and fight for our community. I am fighting to represent us and our community at City Hall.



Jared Evans