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With less than two weeks before the #May5thPrimary, I am asking voters for their support. Over the past 2 months I have been walking, meeting and talking with home owners, business owners and residents of City-County Council District 22, (which sits in Wayne and Decatur Township) about the issues that concern them and their families.

First and foremost, many of the issues that have been voiced to me are concerns and problems that have, frankly, been ignored for too long by the Mayor's office and our local City-County Councilors. Simply ask yourself, what has been done in the past 8 years that has benefited the Westside? I stand to change this. While I may not be able to make promises on all the issues, I can promise to be a voice for the residents of the Westside. To fight to keep our taxes low, to fight to bring our tax dollars back to Decatur and Wayne Township for badly needed infrastructure improvements, like sidewalks and streets, which today, are not maintained or even existent in many area's in District 22. I am amazed that we are the 13th largest city in the United States and yet, so many neighborhoods and communities lack the bare essentials of a major city.

Improving our neighborhood streets and sidewalks is just the beginning. Growing up here on Indianapolis's Westside I have seen our stores move to more vibrant area's and our family businesses close their doors all together. I aim to partner with our neighborhood associations, business community and city developers to look at possible new private developments, as well as area's that the city can invest in to help promote business growth from small and family owned businesses.

The Westside of Indianapolis is a proud community. We don't ask for much, nor complain. But the city has neglected our neighborhoods and communities for too long. The Mayors office has been too kind to take our tax dollars and spend it by the millions on downtown and other area's of the city. Our City-County Councilors have consistently voted to raise taxes and fees on the working and middle class families of the Westside. The time has come for us to #BeHEARD.

I am asking for your vote on #TuesdayMay5th.


Jared Evans

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